This Month’s Feature

Armando-JimenezRecently back from a buying trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, we are pleased to present many wonderful new wood carvings. Karen met with many wood carvers she has worked with in the past, and met several new young carvers. One note of interest is that some of the artists that we have known for years have either moved to the U.S. or have had to find jobs and are not carving anymore. This is very sad, and is why we try to visit and purchase art from artists directly so that we can help the artists to continue these great traditions. Usually entire families are involved in the process, mostly the men are the carvers, using copal wood and sometimes cedarThe Wives, Children, Aunts and Uncles are all busy helping to paint and carve. I visited with one family where the Grandmother, 90 years old was sitting in her bare feet in a tiny little shed sanding a little animal. They all get very excited when you arrive, hoping that you will purchase one of their pieces, helping them to survive. It is extremely gratifying!